Who Am I and Why Trust Me?

Here’s my story . . .

In 2006 my wife came home with an American Writers & Artists (AWAI) marketing course she’d found in a second-hand shop.

I started going through the course and its content gripped me.

It highlighted the power of persuasive words.

My BA in psychology and English literature and nine years (at that point) spent as a freelance copy editor for UK/US publishers had already given me a good grounding in human nature and the power of words.

But this AWAI course was on a new level . . .

I began to read books on marketing and went to the World Internet Summit in London, where I met and heard famous digital marketers speak.

I bought 12 AWAI courses, and other courses, and immersed myself in the world of copywriting, digital marketing and advertising.

Two of these AWAI courses were:

Email Copy Made Easy

How to Write High Impact Emails

And the respected digital marketer Nick Usborne, author of one of these courses, The Digital Copywriter’s Handbook, mentored me for three months.

Long story short, I now offer email marketing services to businesses like yours that want to grow their leads, sales and profits as fast as possible.

Recently, a few emails and landing pages I wrote for a client’s marketing campaign made him over $10,000.

I’d like to do the same – or better– for you (although, of course, no marketer can guarantee results).

How My Email Marketing Helps You

Your website exists for you to make as many sales as possible.

And the best way to grow your sales is through effective email marketing.

But to capture a person’s email address your opt-in form must be stickier than honey – offer a big enough benefit – for your visitor to give you their details.

And then you send them your first email . . .

However, as you know, most emails that arrive in your inbox use hard-sell tactics and focus on the business owner’s wants and needs (higher profits).

Plus, they’re just plain BORING!

When someone looks at an email’s subject line, the first thing they think is, ‘What’s in it for ME?’

The OPPOSITE of what many subject lines are about. 🙁

If your subject line has no benefit or curiosity element, the reader simply deletes your email and . . . moves on to the next one among the, say, 50, emails waiting in their inbox.

And if they do open your email and there’s just a lot of hard sell . . .

. . . they’ll hit the delete button faster than a cat jumping off a hot tin roof.

Most people have an attention span of just 9 seconds – less than that of a goldfish!

Your email subject line has to hook their interest immediately.

And then you have to keep them captivated line by line until they reach your call to action (CTA).

If they’re fired up by the time they reach your CTA, they’ll click on the link and go to your landing page or product page.

But do you know how to write hypnotic opt-in forms and captivating emails that get the click?

I’ve learned to write these and will do the same for you.

Get a Free 5-Minute Consultation

Email me your website address and I’ll analyse your email marketing.

Then let’s get on a short 5-minute Skype or Zoom call and I’ll give you pointers for how to increase your email sign-ups and clicks.

And I’ll do this for you for free – no strings attached.

What do you have to lose?

Just 5 minutes of your time.

But you’ll gain some valuable ideas that have taken me years – and a LOT of money – to learn.

Get in touch today.

Eldo crafted a compelling email message for me based on a conversation we had for about an hour.

He listened to me and the email captured my purpose and passion for what I do.

I was pleased beyond words with the results!

Without question, I would use his services again.

~ Dr Adrienne Gardner, PhD

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