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Eldo rewrote the call to action for our downloadable lead magnet on our EMF protection website.

I tested his CTA against our original over a period of four weeks – his beat ours by 86%.

These extra clicks should help to boost our number of email subscribers.

I highly recommend his copywriting service.

~ Harry Gardiner, CEO, Wavewall Worldwide

Dear email marketer,

If you’re like most online businesses, you face two major problems . . .

(1) How to consistently get more email opt-ins, and

(2) How to get more of your emails opened and clicked.

Picture this scenario . . .

EMAIL MARKETER 1 has a beautiful website.

He sells a range of high-quality keto snacks and has customers from around the world.


He has a pop-up form that appears on his home page when someone arrives, but he gets just a handful of opt-ins each week.

His email list grows at a snail’s pace and he knows he should get far more opt-ins.

Yet he doesn’t know how to fix this.

Also, when a visitor opts in and leaves their email address, they get his welcome email and a notice that ‘You’ve subscribed to our newsletter and will occasionally get notifications of special offers.’

A week later they get an email about a new product added to the product range.

But only a trickle of subscribers click through to check out his new product.

And so it goes on month after month . . .

EMAIL MARKETER 2, however, has a less attractive website than marketer 1.

She too sells keto snacks, but her pop-up form entices her visitor.

And she offers something the visitor really wants, and the copy follows opt-in-form best practices – so she gets on average 25 opt-ins a day.

Which means her list grows by 175 subscribers a week, or 700 subscribers a month.

Plus, when a visitor opts in, they get a welcome email with a 15%-off coupon for a £30 box of keto bars.

(That’s £4.50 off the regular price.)

Consequently, 10 of her new daily subscribers immediately click through to buy her offer and she makes an extra £255 a day.

That’s an extra £1,785 per week, or £7,140 a month, just from this ONE welcome email!

What’s more, she has a series of five further automated emails in place.

And three of these contain links to her other products.

Each person who subscribes to her list gets the automated sequence and she makes sales from them – even while she sleeps.

EMAIL MARKETER 2’s list grows exponentially, her sales go through the roof month after month, and her profits explode.

Her depressed competitors wonder, ‘HOW does she do it?’

Automate your profits

Do you have a six-email autoresponder sequence in place?

When someone opts in to get your offer, they start to receive a series of automated emails over the next six days.

Three of these emails contain a link to a product of yours.

For example, say one of the emails contains a link to a pack of meal-replacement drinks that costs £50.

Say 100 people daily opt-in to receive your emails and 10 of these (on average) a day click the link and buy your product.

That means, just from this one email in the sequence you make an extra £500 per day.

Or £3,500 per week.

Or £14,000 per month!

Another email in the sequence contains a link to another of your products that costs, say, £20.

On average, say, seven people a day click on the link and buy your product, that’s £140 extra per day.

Or £980 per week.

Or £3,920 per month.

Do you see the possibilities here?!!!

And you only have to write this autoresponder sequence ONCE – after that you have it for life.

It makes you ongoing profits 24/7 for as long as you have it in place.

‘But I don’t want to spam my customers’

When people opt in to receive your emails, they expect to hear from you.

Your emails are not spam.

Make your emails interesting, entertaining (think story emails) and helpful and your subscribers will look forward to them.

No one likes a hard sell, so your automated sequence will help, help, help, not push, push, push.

Simply follow email marketing best practices . . .

I look at a lot of websites and analyse the way they do their email marketing.


If they’d change just a few things, their email lists would grow day by day and their sales would rocket.

Your email list is your biggest asset – grow your list fast, and your sales will spike accordingly.

How I can help you

I’ve been writing emails since at least 2006.

Recently, some emails and landing pages I wrote for a client in Panama netted him $10,000-plus.

And I’d like to do the same for you, or even better (but, of course, can’t guarantee similar results).

Just send me your web address and I’ll look at your email marketing.

Then let’s get on a short 5-minute Skype or Zoom call and talk about your biggest email marketing challenges.

Even if you decide not to take things further, you’ll have gained – for free – some steps you can take that will help you make your email marketing more profitable.

Get in touch and let’s talk.


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Natural Health Email Marketer (and raving fan of the Keto Diet)

Eldo Barkhuizen has two important qualities rarely found in the same copywriter.

First, he writes in an engaging and persuasive manner.

Second, he writes with absolute precision.

It’s that combination of persuasion and precision that makes him such a rare and valuable find.


Love your writing style, Eldo.

Strong, concise, persuasive, and power-packed with benefits.

Keep up the great work!

~ Gary Bencivenga, America's No. 1 copywriter (now retired)

Your critiques are good.

~ Drayton Bird, legendary UK copywriter

Eldo is a rare thing: a writer who understands the science of marketing, and simultaneously a marketer who writes with the flair of an artist.

Together, these qualities make him a force to be reckoned with.

If you need to influence, persuade or sell anything online – you owe it to yourself to consider working with Eldo.

~ Ray Edwards, famous US copywriter

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