What Is a Landing Page?

Web copy image of a landing page

A "landing page" is any page on your website web visitors arrive at.

This could be an "information page", a "sales page" or even your home page.

Your visitors can reach some of the landing pages on your website by clicking the navigation links at the top or the side of the page.

But other landing pages are not included in the navigation or in-page links on your website.

Visitors reach these stand-alone landing pages by clicking on a Google Adwords ad or by clicking on a banner ad on someone else's web page.

This last type of landing page is usually what online marketers refer to when they use the term "landing page".

Why Your Website Needs Stand-Alone Landing Pages

Your website must be a dynamic sales machine – constantly being updated as you add new sales pages.

And that's exactly what a landing page is, a page that presells your product or service.

Here's how it works...

Landing Page Scenario 1

Let's say you sell vein supplements to UK health retailers.

You have a Google Adwords ad on the right-hand side or above the Google search results page, as in the example below.

landing page google adwords ad

When you click on the link in the ad, you should be taken to a landing page that focuses on the product the ad is trying to sell.

This page should explain the benefits of your product and why it is better than those of your competitors.

It should also address any doubts or fears your prospective customer may have about buying your product.

If your landing page follows best practice (including the way the page is designed), it should convert a good percentage of readers into customers – they'll click on one of the "buy now" links on the page, and be taken to your checkout system.

Whereas a Google Adwords ad or banner ad is the "doorway" to your website, the landing page is the "sales person" that funnels excited prospects to your payment system.

Clearly, the more of these landing pages your website has, the more sales you're likely to make.

Landing Page Scenario 2

On your website home page you have an email opt-in box where you offer a valuable free gift: a report, white paper, or video, and so on.

Let's say it's been two months since you got your web designer to insert this opt-in box into your web page...

...Over that time 54 people have inserted their email addresses into your opt-in box to get your free gift – so you now have the email addresses of 54 people you can send further emails to.

It happens that you have a new product for sale.

So your web copywriter writes you an email with an intriguing subject line.

And the email contains a link readers can click on, which will take them to a landing page.

You want your landing page to do most of the selling, so you keep your email fairly short – the email's job is simply to get the reader to click through to your landing page.

Here's an example of an intriguing email from master marketer Bob Bly:

email to landing page

His email contains a a link a reader can click on, which takes her to a landing page that gives her more reasons to take the action Bob wants her to take – the landing page deepens the desire created by the email.

Having reached your landing page, the reader reads the web copy on the landing page, which presells her and gets her into a positive buying frame of mind.

Fired up by your web copy, she clicks through to your checkout system and buys your product.

Another sale in the bag!

Landing Page Optimization for You

Does your website have a Google Adwords plus landing pages marketing system in place?

Or do you regularly send prospects in your email list helpful emails that direct readers to landing pages about your products or offers?

If not, you're leaving a lot of money on the table.

That old saying "the more you tell, the more you sell" is also true when it comes to the number of emails and landing pages you use in your marketing system.

But these have to be written according to best practices to maximize your results.

Having studied web copywriting in my spare time since 2005 (while working as a copy editor for major UK publishing houses), I know what works and what doesn't.

If you feel your emails and landing pages could be better optimized – or if you're not using emails and landing pages in your marketing – get in touch today by email or phone.

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