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A website review (analysis) will help you see the strengths and weaknesses in your website.

Does your site get you a consistent flow of leads and sales?

If not, there's little point in having a website.

Each web page has a job to do.

It may be to give information about you, your product or service. Or it may be a page that tries to sell your product or service directly online.

Whatever each page attempts to do, there are right and wrong ways to go about it.

Clearly, if your website brings you few or no leads, something's wrong.

So it makes sense (1) to analyse where your site is failing, and (2) to fix your web content, using best-practice principles, so your site starts bringing you more leads and customers.

I offer you two website review services: BASIC or DETAILED.

Drayton Bird, famous UK copywriter, praises Eldo's critiques."Your Critiques Are Good"

Your critiques are good.

~ Drayton Bird, famous UK copywriter
(worked with David Ogilvy)

For the BASIC website review I'll check to see if each of your web pages includes the nine essentials of an effective web page.

Then I'll write you a short report, which you can use to fix your web content yourself. Or hire me to fix it for you.

Or, a DETAILED website review will give you an in-depth analysis of your website's weaknesses and how these should be changed to lift your response.

This analysis of your home page and main subpages focuses on your sales copy, search engine optimized (SEO) meta data and keyphrase use.

It finds opportunities for improved search rankings and increased conversions/sales.

I examine your traffic reports, as well as your competition.

Here’s what this review includes:

1. A detailed analysis of your site, measuring it against web best practices.

I evaluate your web pages using a 35-point usability checklist and 5-point content guide for web pages that work, looking specifically to see if your site is:

> CUSTOMER-FOCUSED: speaking to visitors 1-to-1 with solution-oriented messages

> COMPETITIVE: using the most relevant SEO keywords and sales copy to differentiate you from your competition

> CLEAR: offering helpful, scannable information within a user-friendly structure

> CONVERSION-OPTIMIZED: guiding visitors with offers and links that generate action; seeing how well your content guides your prospects through pages

> CONSISTENT: connecting all pages with a constant brand voice and SEO approach

2. An in-depth report of your strengths and opportunities.

You'll receive a substantial written document covering your specific strengths and opportunities for improvement. This report will include:

> Screen shots of your pages, with explanations of what’s working and what could be improved

> Screen shots of your current Google rankings and what’s displayed when you appear, with recommendations for improvement

> Where you rank in the first 5 pages of Google for competitive keywords and how your competitors compare

3. A customized content strategy to boost SEO traffic and site conversions.

I'll go over your website review with you and discuss a content action plan to improve your results across all pages or in the most critical sections of your site.

As a result of this analysis, you’ll have a clear, strategic roadmap for content changes that will make a huge difference to your website’s performance.

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