Shopping Cart Optimization graphicShopping Cart Optimization That Saves Your Sales

By Eldo Barkhuizen

A lot of ecommerce websites fall down in the area of shopping cart optimization.

The order process, which ends on the payment page, is a minefield many webmasters seem unaware of.

Yet, getting a prospect as far as your payment page and making it easy for her to make a purchase is the ultimate goal of your ecommerce website.

Which is why shopping cart optimization is so important.

Your, say, natural health supplements ecommerce website is a complex system. It has a home page, category pages, product pages and a shopping cart, each interlinked with the other pages on your site.

When a visitor finds one of your web pages, she starts a journey of discovery through your site – unless she “bounces” (leaves after viewing just your first page).

And that page-by-page voyage ends, you hope, with your visitor going through your shopping cart process and buying from you.

At least 90% of your web copy is there to gently nudge your visitors to your order page.

But what happens if, after all your effort, she jumps ship before buying– because your shopping cart optimization fails to follow best practices?

Let’s break this down.

Mend Your Holes and Net More Fish

Susan gets 100 visitors a day to her vitamin supplements website.

They click through to her order page – but only 2% complete and buy.

Which means she has two new customers every day, or 60 new customers a month.

Let’s assume each of those customers spends £10 on their purchase from Susan. This translates into £600 extra every month.

But… if she mends the holes in her shopping cart process, through shopping cart optimization, she boosts her number of paying customers.

A daily conversion rate of 9% would add seven more customers to her original two (210 more per month), spiking her turnover by an extra £2,100 per month!

Or an extra £25,200 per year.

Just by optimizing her checkout process…

The Part of Your Website That Seals the Deal

Your order process is your prospect’s last lap through your website.

Fall down here and … you’ve wasted all the effort – and money – you’ve poured into optimizing your other 79 web pages!

You may have hired a professional to do your seo copywriting for all these pages, but decided to cut corners with your shopping cart optimization – to “save money”!

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Yet many ecommerce websites have a badly optimized checkout system full of stumbling blocks.

And the more obstacles your visitors face, the fewer will go on to complete.

So, bearing in mind that shopping cart optimization is vital for an ecommerce website, how well is your order process optimized?

• Have you tracked each stage of your checkout system and measured your abandon rate?

• Have you analysed your weak points and fixed them to lift your sales?

• Do you know what tweaks you need to make to lower your abandon rate?

Why not start plugging the leaks in the end of your sales funnel today?

Can you afford to keep leaking away your precious profits … oil in the sand … day after day, year after year?

You may not get a second chance with many of these visitors, as they may never return, and your competition may scoop them up instead.

And what about all the repeat business you’re losing as the fish just swim through the holes in your failing checkout system?

Why not take action today and fix your problem?

Phone me now and, if I’m available, we’ll call up your website on our computer screens.

I’ll look at your shopping cart and show you one of your leaks – which you can plug today.

My advice won’t cost you a penny and could make you an extra £100 … or more … every day from now on, week after week, month after month, year after year…

What do you have to lose?

I’m offering you a short, FREE, no-obligation consultation that could save you a lot of money in lost sales.

Phone or email Eldo now to help you with your shopping cart optimization … and boost your sales.

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