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Another way to grow your online sales is with effective email writing.

As you know, to thrive in business you have to build strong relationships with your prospects. Most people buy only after around the seventh to ninth contact with a firm.

Before they hand over their hard-earned cash, prospects first want to know and trust you – to see you’re honest and offer a quality service.

You have to prove your products and services are better than your competitor's.

Photo of Steve Baker, Australian business coach

"Just Magic"


Thanks mate, the email was awesome.


You have really nailed the essence of emotional direct response marketing and incorporating story telling into it… just magic.


~ Steve Baker, Australian Business Coach & Trainer

In the offline world it’s simple to do this, because prospects enter your place of business. They see your shop or office, handle your products and talk to you face to face.

But building a profitable online business is far harder.

When web visitors reach your website, they just see an image on their screen. They have no way to quickly know for sure you’re all you claim to be.

So you have to prove you are.

But how?

By using email writing – the best way to build trust.

Just follow this email marketing blueprint:

> Offer them something of value for free.

> In exchange they give you their name and email address.

> You then send them a series of emails containing helpful information.

> This shows you want to help your prospects solve their problems – the opposite of a hard sell.

> It also positions you as an expert.

> From around the third helpful email you start to build a solid business relationship with your prospects.

> They begin to interact with you as they get to know you better, and like and trust you.

These are just the system’s bare bones. But done right, it works well, and really will (if you offer a high-quality service or product) help you start multiplying your sales.

You’ll quickly and easily set this system up yourself, if you know

> how to write persuasive web copy for your opt-in page

> the best freebie to offer in exchange for a name and email address

> how to insert a name-and-email-capture form on your web page

> how to write a series of helpful emails that offer solutions to your prospects’ problems

> which days to send out emails and how often to send them

> what time of day is best to send an email

> when never to send an email

Or why not simply cut out the learning curve and hire me to do all your email writing for you?

Once your system’s set up, it works on autopilot, 24 hours a day, 24/7, bringing you lead after lead and multiplying your profits.

Remember – most people buy only after the seventh to ninth contact with you.

So if you have no email marketing system on your website, you may be losing 95% (or more) of your potential leads or sales.

adrienne-gardner"Pleased Beyond Words!"


Eldo crafted a compelling email message for me based on a conversation we had for about an hour.


He listened to me and the email captured my purpose and passion for what I do.


I was pleased beyond words with the results!


Without question, I would use his services again.


~ Dr Adrienne Gardner PhD, Health Coach

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