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Your website's a complex system.

It's like your car engine – if one part fails, your car shuts down.

You have a business website to get you leads and sell as many of your products or services as possible ... to maximize your profits.

To achieve this, each part of your site has to work according to website best practices.

Do you know what these are?

If not, a website review will show you exactly where your weak spots are and how to fix them.

Perhaps a designer who knows little about persuasive web copy put up a stunning website for you.

The "frame" of your picture may look amazing, but does the "picture" (the words on your page) take your visitors by the hand and guide them smoothly from one part of your website to another?

Do they give you their name and email address, so you can stay in touch with them?

By sending prospects timely, interesting emails you stay in touch with them, and, hopefully, turn some of them into customers.

Successful marketers know it takes on average 7–9 contacts with a prospect before that person becomes a customer.

And the best way to do this is with short, interesting emails.

Tiffini Holmes, MBA. Delighted with Eldo's copywriting."I Highly Recommend
Eldo's Writing Services"


Eldo was great to work with.


He is very personable and easy to talk to.


He knows the right questions to ask to really
get to the heart of what you have to say.


Eldo's writing style is very engaging and captures
the attention right away.


Additionally, Eldo is the ultimate professional.
He gave an agreed upon deadline and beat it
by three days!


I look forward to using the materials Eldo
wrote for me. I am confident it will increase
my business' client base.


I highly recommend Eldo's writing services
to anyone.


~ Tiffini Holmes, MBA, Health Coach

Without an effective email marketing system in place, your online business may struggle to make consistent sales.

But hypnotic emails are just part of your online success – you also need an effective sales landing page.

Your sales landing page is where the hard work takes place.

It's tough to persuade someone to buy a product or service, especially when your product/service is high priced.

The higher the price, the more copy it takes to get you the sale.

And the expert copywriter uses various landing page best practices to make your sales page as effective as possible.


Do you focus more on how great your company is than on your visitor's problem?

Does your web copy help your visitor solve her problem?

Does your website sell or repel?

bencivenga"Love Your Writing Style, Eldo"


Love your writing style, Eldo.


Strong, concise, persuasive,
and power-packed with benefits.


Keep up the great work!


~ Gary Bencivenga, America's No. 1 copywriter

Tweak Your Website ... And Lift Your Sales

When your car has a problem, what do you do?

Take it to your florist?

Of course not!

You find someone who knows how cars work – a professional mechanic – and leave it there.

Because I've studied persuasive web copywriting since 2005 – for over ten years – I know the major pitfalls of under-performing websites.

I know how to fine-tune your website to lift your sales.

Here's a list of just some of the sources of my knowledge...

B. Hunt, Convert! Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion

R. Bly, The Business to Business Marketing Handbook

S. Clachar, with R. Bly, Writing Irresistible Copy for Nutritional Supplements (Center for Technical Communication)

P. Foster, Site Audits Made Simple (American Writers & Artists Inc. course)

N. Usborne, Web Copywriting 2.0: Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts (American Writers & Artists Inc. course)

J. White, Email Copy Made Easy: How to Write More Persuasive Emails That Get Opened, Get Read, and Get Click-Throughs
 (American Writers & Artists Inc. course)

A. Flores, The Ultimate Desktop Copy Coach (top US copywriter Clayton Makepeace's methods)

M. Berman, The Copywriter's Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Strategic Advertising Copy (I copy-edited this book for Wiley-Blackwell)

P. Marshall, The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords

E. M. Schwartz, Breakthrough Advertising

J. Caples, Tested Advertising Methods

G. Halbert, The Gary Halbert Letter

D. Bird, Commonsense Direct Marketing

H. Kilstein, Value Based Copywriting

Hire me to look at your web marketing strategy, and you get

> my over ten years of studying website best practice

> the value of more than £3,000 invested to gain this knowledge

> 20 years' experience as a copy editor and proofreader improving over 480 books for major UK and US publishers

> the security of dealing with someone who's been in business for almost two decades

> the guarantee that I'll pull out all the stops to ensure you're happy with the work I do for you.



"A Rare and Valuable Find"


Eldo Barkhuizen has two important qualities rarely found in the same copywriter.


First, he writes in an engaging and persuasive manner.


Second, he writes with absolute precision.


It’s that combination of persuasion and precision that makes him such a rare and valuable find.


~ Nick Usborne, who mentored me for 3 months, author of the bible of web copywriting, Copywriting 2.0: Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy That Converts

What's Your Next Step?

Keep your current web copy ... and make the same level of sales over the next nine months?

Or fine-tune your website and turn it into a sales machine?

edwards"A Force to Be Reckoned With"


Eldo is a rare thing: a writer who understands the science of marketing, and simultaneously a marketer who writes with the flair of an artist.


Together, these qualities make him a force to be reckoned with.


If you need to influence, persuade or sell anything online – you owe it to yourself to consider working with Eldo.


~ Ray Edwards, Ray Edwards International, Inc.

Simply phone or send me an email and, if I'm available, we'll take a quick look at your website (the call is free).

You can tell me about the biggest challenge you face with your online marketing and I'll see if I'm able to help you.

Get in touch now (between 10 am and 5 pm UK time).

To your growing online sales.

Best regards

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